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Adhering to our own 'hands on expertise' policy, the Netports website have been designed, developed and produced in-house by Peter Thwaites and the Netports team.

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All image content has been lawfully acquired by Netports for display on this website through the use of:
  • Images owned by Peter Thwaites of Netports staff who have provided the required authority and approvals.
  • Online image libraries and similar paid and royalty free image supply services with appropriate authority and approvals.

Netports respects and complies with all copyright laws, therefore, should the copyright of any image on this website be claimed to be in question, please contact Netports - email: .

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e-Path Credit Card Payment Gateway

Netports would like to make an extraordinary acknowledgement of e-Path Pty Ltd.

Netports remains credit card fraud free from the moment we switched from using a real time payment gateway to e-Path back in November 2006. Despite the hosting industry being one of the highest risk industries for instances of credit card fraud our use of e-Path, together with the effectiveness of our own security practices, has enabled us to establish a fraud free track record that even our bank (ANZ) finds impressive.

With the right credit card payment gateway and the right security practices it is absolutely possible for any online business to reduce, perhaps completely eliminate, the likelihood of falling victim to online credit card fraud.

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