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AP-10 - cPanel Reseller
Space: 1,500Mb
Monthly Traffic: 10Gb
Max. Hosted Domains: 10

AP20 - cPanel Reseller
Space: 3,500Mb
Monthly Traffic: 20Gb
Max. Hosted Domains: 20

GP-15 - cPanel Reseller
Space: 2,500Mb
Monthly Traffic: 15Gb
Max. Hosted Domains: 15

AP50 - cPanel Reseller
Space: 7,500Mb
Monthly Traffic: 50Gb
Max. Hosted Domains: 50

AP100 - cPanel Reseller
Space: 15,000Mb
Monthly Traffic: 75Gb
Max. Hosted Domains: 100

AP150 - cPanel Reseller
Space: 20,000Mb
Monthly Traffic: 100Gb
Max. Hosted Domains: 150

AP200 - cPanel Reseller
Space: 30,000Mb
Monthly Traffic: 150Gb
Max. Hosted Domains: 200

AP300 - cPanel Reseller
Space: 40,000Mb
Monthly Traffic: 200Gb
Max. Hosted Domains: 300

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